Computers, laptops and other devices will at some stage need to to upgraded, serviced or repaired.

Due to the nature of electronics, they break or parts need to be replaced due to age, a bit like us in fact! Technology is always developing with new discoveries and better ways to work to make our lives more efficient. With the internet being a greater everyday means than ever before, our working and personal lives revolving around our laptops, phones and other devices, we require an efficient and reliable access all the time. With this in mind, an affordable, reliable repair and upgrade service is what you require to keep you in the driving seat at all times.


Memory, hard drive, monitors, graphics cards, power units, motherboard replacements are all upgrades available to your computer.
With technology moving as fast as it does, your computer  may need upgrading at some time.  Operating systems (Windows) and programs require more power, speed and memory consumption than ever before.


Does your computer run slow? Take a considerable amount of time to boot when its first turned on? Current antivirus programs need a large amount of memory to run efficiently, one of the reasons it’s running slow. Programs pre install on the start-up queue extending your computers powering up time.

A memory upgrade may be all you need to bring your computer back to life. Memory is the virtual thinking part of your machine, the larger the expanse of memory the more tasks the computer can achieve at once.  We can provide a quote on your existing device and give advice on upgrades, in order to breath new life into a dieing machine.

Hard drive

The hard drive is the part of your computer that stores your files, documents, pictures, music, operating system and program files. Depending on the age of the computer, the size of the drive might not be as adequate for your needs as it once was. The media of today takes up a lot of space. Purchasing a larger  drive and having  your existing drive image cloned to the new one  may be all you need.

On the odd occasion your drive may fail, age, electronic fault, or down to bad clusters. We always advise to regularly back up your important data; a drive is easy to replace, operating systems and programs can reinstalled but your files might not be retrievable.  Recovery software is available but there’s no guarantees. Prevention is always better than cure.  Make sure your backing up your system. If your currently not and want to get a plan in place, then give me a call to arrange.

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