Keeping your network alive, running and healthy is essential for everyday tasks in your life. Its now become the life blood of modern living.

Everything now uses a network of some kind, whether it’s a mobile phone, printer, computer, gaming consoles, its become our life line to communicate and stimulate our knowledge. Online shopping, holidays, banking, checking emails, chatting to friends via webcam or following a class online in the comfort of your own front room.

Occasionally something goes wrong, many things can be at play, it could be the device, broadband provider, bandwidth speed, virus infection, hardware issues like the router, problems are endless as are the solutions. Without it were are lost.

Router replacement or upgrade

This is now the modern way of life! So is your internet fast enough? Are you getting the speeds and service you’re paying for and promised? Are you happy with your internet?
With telephone lines constantly being upgraded and broadband speeds becoming faster can your router cope? Is it up to the job? With fibre optic (fast BROADBAND) sending speeds in excess of 30mb per second, if you only have a 150mbps router it’s going to struggle with the speed and streaming capabilities!
With each household having more than one computer, smart phones, smart Tv’s and tablets, you will need to make sure your router is capable of distributing the speed evenly and faultlessly. If this sounds like your household, or you don’t know what your router is capable of and doesn’t seem to do the job it was intended, why not give me a call on 07888 644915, email me if you prefer at or through the website under the contact us button on the website. We will be happy to help and advise.

Are you having issues with your internet router? Does it always seem slow? Does the wireless keep dropping out? The ADSL light keeps flashing?
It could be a faulty router or there may be problems on your line. Routers do have a shelf life, some last for many years, some models work more efficiently than others. Most ISP’s(broadband providers) now provide a router as part of the package that you buy, some use it as a bartering tool to make you upgrade, extend or renew your contract. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one for the job! ISP’s buy these products on mass, it’s all about the buying power and cost. Some of the routers like the TalkTalk routers are basic, cheap and are forever going wrong. Why not contact us today to see if we can help on 07888 644915, email me if you prefer at or through the website under the contact us button for some friendly helpful advice or book us in to call round.

Isp communication and advice

There aren’t many broadband providers around with U.K service call centres! It’s a fact!
There is nothing worst or more frustrating than trying to speak to someone that you may not understand or the terminology is beyond you. Trying to get a straight answer to why your service is slow or non- existent can be a hair pulling experience. Broadband providers tend to blame each other, no one takes responsibility of the problem and you end up going round in circles with the fault not being rectified. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

That’s where we fit in! We may not know Punjabi, but we know what we are talking about! Let us take the stress and aggravation away, we can check and diagnose the fault at your premises, phone your provider on your behalf and get results and answers needed.

Internet/browser fault finding & bandwidth speed testing

Which browser should I use? What’s the difference between them all? So many add-ons, I don’t even know what they all do, is there a need for them? Is my browser safe? My internet connection is on but I can’t view a webpage, I keep getting error 404 page cannot be found?

The first question to answer is what is a browser?

A browser is a program window you use to access the World Wide Web (the internet which is the term more commonly used now) This is the program that lets you flit from page to page, site to site, enabling you access to downloads, videos, blogs, internet sites, shopping, emails, knowledge, Google and other search engines etc.
The better known browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and Safari (for apple). You will automatically have Internet explorer  now called “The Edge” on your computer or laptop as default if you are running a windows operating System. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. The likes of Firefox and Google Chrome are faster and more reliable and constantly updated for security.

Any browsers added to your computer or laptop, will copy your favourites, history, passwords and setting from your old one. Favourites will be now termed as bookmarks.

Some times it’s the browser that has problems and needs to be looked at. Antivirus or firewalls might be preventing you access or blocking the connection!

This might be the time to give us a call to diagnose your problems and common errors to get you back up and running or to give you peace of mind that you’re safe, your data is safe and you’re getting the most from your browsing experience. It might be a slow broadband speed? Someone else might be using your internet connection, if your wireless hub/router is not secured! We can call in and test your broadband speed, check your security and rectify any problems with your broadband provider if your speed is not up to the recommended level! You’re not getting what you paying for!

Network association & ip address problems

Networking is the term used for connecting a series of computers or devices with a router on the premises or at your home. The network can be used to share files, pictures, music, printers from machine to device within the same building without the need for complicated wiring.

This might be an area you have thought about but not had the time or knowledge to set up?
You may have a network in place, but can’t join all the devices to each other, the printer doesn’t link or is intermittent, you haven’t got the right permissions to access certain files or want to restrict access to important folders and files or even machines? This is sometimes caused by conflict in IP addresses.
What’s an IP address?

Every device that wants to connect to your router must have an independent address, just like your house address is independent to you. Your router sets these to give individual access to the internet and network. On occasions these can conflict, i.e. two computers may be assigned the wrong number or have no address assigned at all. This is when the network breaks down, the devices stop talking to each other and you can’t print or communicate with the computer. It’s a stressful situation! It could be caused by antivirus, firewall or a running program! Worst case scenario, it could even be a virus, malware or even a Trojan!

So as you can see it’s not always an easy job to rectify? Why not get PC2IT take the worry away and solve your IT networking problems, because that’s what we do best and always with a smile!

Wireless strength enhancing & upgrading your pc to wireless

How can I make my wireless network more efficient? My wireless signal is poor? I don’t always get a signal when I’m in another room?

If these sound like questions you might be asking yourself, then maybe you need to give us a call.

There could be a few complicating issues with wireless strength! The router might not be up to the job or obsolete.  It could be the wireless device on your machine is not working or under achieving. Signal strength can depend on where you live and the house construction! Older houses tend to have thicker walls reducing the signal strength; rooms could be too far away from the router to receive a signal.

If this is the case we can make an appointment to come round to your home or business (no call out fee) we can assess your equipment and premises and put together a plan of action to increase your wireless coverage to enable you to surf efficiently in every room, the garden, even the shed or garage!
One of the stipulations of router installation is that it is connected to the main phone feed into the house. It is not always feasible to have your desktop under the stairs or by the front door of your premises. We can make your computer wireless by use of a card, dongle or powerlines, allowing you to use your device in the room that you want it to be!

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