Data recovery refers to the retrieval of your information from a device.

This is usually from a hard drive that has been damaged or has failed which has been connected to your computer or laptop.

Your data is one of our most prized processions, pictures, memories, letters, the list goes on. It’s the most valuable asset on your device. With technology moving the way it does, its realised its become a problem and incorporated other means of backing up your files i.e. the cloud making it easier and less of a daunting prospect by keeping it safe somewhere on a server. But hardware still goes wrong and not everyone backs up their system until it’s too late.

By using an external system and the right software we usually have a high success rate of data retrieval, but it can become expensive and there’s no 100% guarantee’s I’m afraid.

Simple synchronised backup procedure

Are you backing up your valuable data? If your hard drive should decide to seize or become corrupted are your files saved? PC2IT can install a low cost program and set up a low maintenance setup to save your valuable files and pictures etc to a safe drive or if you prefer back up your data to the cloud (an online storage folder on a server)

Full drive & synchronised backup

In the event of a drive fail you may want your machine back up and running in a short period of time, not only having your files saved but your programs and operating system too. In other words you want your machine back to normal as it was before. No problem with a full drive backup we can set up an overnight and weekly backup and with a synchronised file backup as well, you won’t lose any vital data that you have amended between each backup.

Accidental format

This can occasional happen when you take the system is taken back to factory settings by using the hidden partitioned drive set by the manufacturer. The drive gets over layered with the new operating system mapping. If this should happen, all is not lost as only a small amount of data on your drive has been over written. Using software we can extract from the formatted partition and transfer the recovered data to an external drive.

Mirrored clone drive

Need a bigger hard drive as yours is full; you’re having problems adding new programs and data to your computer and are getting messages from the operating system. You don’t want the rigmarole of having to reinstall everything. That’s where mirroring/ghosting/cloning comes into play. We can supply a larger compatible drive and create an image of your old drive and place it onto the newly purchased one. This will expand the image, taking up the free space on the new fitted hard drive and allowing you to perform your everyday tasks again without having to reinstall everything, saving you time and money.

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