Antivirus software helps in the prevention of keeping the nasties out and protecting your data from prying eyes.

Virus, malware and trojans are used by people to disrupt and obtain information, your data, access your hard earned finances or even using methods to lock you from your devices, fraudulent hijacking and obtaining money by blackmail.

Antivirus software provides real-time protection for you and your family, safeguarding your emails through filters and counteracting any unwanted files and traffic that you may not even be aware of.

With so many of our everyday activities using online media and banking now being accessible through the internet, we are are exposing our self to the wide world. We are vulnerable without even leaving the house. The problem is not everyone is who they say they are and not everyone can be trusted. It’s a Fact!

Drive & data recovery after virus infection

Virus & malware (Fraudulent software that installs itself on your machine, normally disguising itself as a rogue antivirus program wanting you to pay for cleaning and disinfecting your machine of lots of viruses and Trojans which are nonexistent)

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful we are, we all can get infected through no fault of our own. It could be a link sent through face book or messenger. An infected email sent by someone you know that has been affected and it has sent a virused email to all the contacts in the email directory. What seems quite common now is a hijacked website, which 99% of the time has been genuine, but gets taken over or a few of the links changed and hay presto you click on it and you’re infected.

Sometimes it can make your computer inoperable, unable to gain access to your vital data. We have some fantastic software to get you clean and back up and running and your data retrieved.

Antivirus program advice and installation

There are so many types of antivirus programs and names it can become quite daunting. There are free ones and paid for ones the list is endless. Rule of thumb is you should only have 1 antivirus on your machine; this isn’t the same as firewall or internet security.

Just because everyone has Norton or McAfee, it’s a household name it doesn’t mean it’s the best. These bigger type programs use a lot of processing power that can inevitability slow the computer down or use us a lot of memory space not allowing other programs and processes run to their potential. If you’re having problems deciding what’s best for your computer then why not give me a ring.

Sometimes installing some antivirus programs or reinstalling causes problems. If not all of the program has been removed it can cause conflict and problems with the program. With antivirus you want to know that you’re fully protected.

Virus program fixes

Due to upgrades and infection, system operation changes and occasionally program conflicts, Antivirus programs doesn’t always work wont update properly, won’t protect and cannot fix themselves. You tend to go round in circles. We at PC2IT like problem solving; we might have seen your dilemma before, if not we can certainly help so why give us a ring for some friendly helpful advice or book us in to call round.

Enable computer/laptop access after infection

Removing an infection is only a small part of the task, Viruses can hide your profile, denying you access to your files, corrupting your login feature and tampering with the operating system files and modifying the antivirus modules with its program. We will strive to make right your laptop or desktop to bring your machine back up to a clean, safe useable level and give advice on preventing future infections, making sure your windows updates, service packs are installing along with being as protected as you can be against future viruses, Trojans and malware.

Reinstallation of operating system with drivers & programs

Reinstallation of the operating system can sometimes be the only option with a bad virus or Trojan. It’s the last resort. We at PC2IT can back up all your important files; reinstall your operating system with service packs; re activate your licence with Microsoft and all the essential programs that your system requires can be put back in place.

Disks and keys that are provided from previously brought software can be reinitialised and antivirus software registered. Your computer/laptop can then be reunited with your pictures, music and data files. Usually with a complete over haul your machine tends to work more efficiently, due to not being clogged up with unused programs, more free space and less unused files.

Email recovery from viral infection

Emails seem to be the main route of infection. We seem to be curious about opening documents and links and before it’s too late we are infected. Even if the email is from someone we know, their computer may have become infected and the virus then sends out an email to all contacts.

When you have been hacked or infected, it can seem like it personal and a total invasion of your privacy .PC2IT are very positive on giving the right advice and coming to the quickest solution to get your email rectified. Always backup your contacts and emails to a separate disk, get into a routine at doing this. We are very good at cleaning and coming up with the solutions to your problems, getting you confident that you are safe and email is working efficiently.

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